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Missouri River Runner
4 daily trains connecting the Texas Eagle and Southwest Chief

Amtrak's cross-state Missouri service travels the breadth of the Show-Me State--past cultural, state and religious landmarks; verdant farmland and rolling hills; and long stretches of the Missouri River.

Service consists of 2 daily trains in each direction. Each train consists of Amfleet single-level coaches with:

  • seats reserved for passengers with special mobility needs
  • secure, quick-release bike racks--available first-come, first-served
  • a dinette/lounge car serving sandwiches, snacks and beverages
  • Midwest Business Class: an extra measure of comfort for a modest upgrade.

From any of the 8 Amtrak communities between St. Louis and Kansas City, you're just an easy connection away from exciting destinations like Albuquerque, Austin, Fort Worth, Los Angeles, San Antonio and Tucson--not to mention college towns such as Lawrence (University of Kansas).

Eastbound connections:

Train 4 (Southwest Chief) arrives Kansas City at 7:26a
Train 316 departs Kansas City at 7:30a

Train 314 arrives St. Louis at 1:10p
Train 21 (Texas Eagle) departs St. Louis at 8:00p

Westbound connections:

Train 22 (Texas Eagle) arrives St. Louis at 7:39a
Train 313 departs St. Louis at 4:00p

Train 313 arrives Kansas City at 9:40p
Train 3 (Southwest Chief) departs Kansas City at 10:55p

For more information on Missouri's Amtrak Service, visit the Missouri Department of Transportation, which provides financial support.