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Space that compares to airline first class--and no seat belt!

Traveling in coach, you'll enjoy--what else?--Texas-sized seats: big, spacious, roomy and comfortable. They feature individual overhead reading lights, fold-out leg rests that let you lie back and stretch out--even sleep!--in comfort, and fold-down tray tables for books, magazines, snacks and beverages.


Each Superliner coach car has a center aisle, with 2 seats on either side. There's no center armrest. The width of each pair of seats, as measured from the window-side armrest to the aisle-side armrest, is about 41 inches. The distance between rows (seat pitch) is 50-52 inches.

Coach passengers are welcome to enjoy the Lounge Car and to purchase meals in the Dining Car.

A coach attendant ensures that all passengers in their respective cars receive the help, information, and services they're entitled to.

The lower level houses the car's restrooms, luggage storage space and a limited number of Coach seats. In addition, Coaches in every Superliner-equipped train offer comfortable, wheelchair-accessible seating on the lower level.